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Are You Backing Up Your Business Computer Data?

If you answered no then you want to read this article.

Sure backing up data is not the sexiest thing that you could think of doing in your business. I know, it's more of a chore like taking out the garbage or mowing the lawn on the weekend. But just like those two real life tasks, backing up your computer data is something that has to be done and has to be done regularly. And it's even more important if you are running a business.

Here's why....

Most of our important information is stored on a computer hard drive these days.

For an individual, this could simply be cherished photos, passwords to your email or banking account or maybe you are writing that one great novel that each and every one of us is supposed to have inside us.

For a business it is more like client details, prospects details, employee details, invoices, receivables, advertising and website copy, business blueprints and manuals and all sorts of other information that keeps the business running.

If you were to lose this data, it could seriously impact your ability to function and may even be the downfall of the business.

But how could you lose the data?

Well, computer hard drives have been known to fail. And computer hardware breaks down with use. Simple wear and tear. And it generally decides to break when you are relying on it most, almost like it is has an intimate knowledge of Murphy's Law.

One day, you'll turn the computer on and nothing happens. Try it again. Still nothing. You could take it to be fixed but it could be days or a week before you get the computer back. And there's no guarantee that you will get the data back.

Worse still, if the computer is connected to the internet it is potentially exposed to viruses and other malware that is up to no good. Viruses could cause the computer to freeze or corrupt data on it.

You can't use your computer and you can't access your data.

So you need a backup plan.

A simple back up plan could be an external hard drive where you can physically copy all your  important data. You also want to have a third party Cloud based storage option too.

Depending on the importance and volume of the data, you want to be backing it up daily or weekly. At the very least monthly.

These processes can be automated using software which can certainly take the chore aspect out of backing up your business data. We can help you to put a plan together and implement the plan using software and manual procedures. We can also suggest what data you need to back up and places where it can be stored.

This will ensure that your business is safe and robust from things that you hope never happen but inevitably do from time to time. Better to be safe than sorry.

Posted By david on 11th October 2012

Updated : 11th June 2018 | Words : 501 | Views : 2141 | Comments : 2

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